Buying from China

Almost everything can be found in China, but the country is one of the most demanding fields within which to create succesful, profitable and time-resistant supply chains.

The majority of Chinese companies manufacturing industrial goods are professionals regarding their products, but may not necessarily be familiar with western demands for product and operational quality, nor international trading. Differences in accuracy and time comprehension may also cause misunderstanding.

Apart from having an understanding of Chinese cultural features and business mentality, a workable long-term cooperation concept requires persistence, a fair attitude and respect for partners. Interests need to be mutual - and clear for all the parties. 

ENTEQ's role is to find and audit suppliers and products, to build, maintain and control supply chains, and to assist sellers and buyers in the adaption of necessary knowledge from their counterparts. 

In cases where existing products do not meet the customer's design or operational requirements, ENTEQ will assist in transfering optional knowledge and help to supervise manufacturers in any required changes.

Quality control is either carried-out by ENTEQ, or by a third party - and supervised by ENTEQ.

Correct partnerships and guanxi are essential for long-term business in China.


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