Getting things made in China

Market prices are more or less fixed, so companies these days need to reduce their initial costs. Hence, low-cost Asian countries are attractive for this purpose.

China has been the Factory of the World for decades already. It is commonly known that almost all the famous and most valued industrial brands, such as those for motors, bearings, steel structures, car components and spare-parts, tires, industrial rubber parts, stainless and casted steel parts, electrical appliances, hydraulics etc., have originally been designed expensively by Western expert companies, but made cheaply and branded in low-cost countries. This is called oem - original equipment manufacturing.
Besides dealing with existing standard goods, one solution can be to have your own oem designs made in China. Starting oem requires one to follow certain steps, including e.g. finding the right manufacturers and getting the product data transferred and utilized in a proper,  safe and understandable way. Quality control plays, of course, remarkable role in the concept, especially while you're placing your own logo on the products.

Oem manufacturing may appear complicated, but with ENTEQ it is not.

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