Investments in leisure

A couple of years ago not that many people were playing golf, cruising yachts or driving a HD in China. However, things change rapidly and with the development people are investing more time and money in themselves.

Many things common in the West are yet to arrive in China. Occasionally, there are certain reasons for the slow progress. Money is not that much of an issue, but attitude may be. For example, how does the idea of yachting match a nation which has a traditional carefulness towards water ?

Or motorbikes; Earlier only poor people drove a bike. So, why would a Chinese wealthy person buy a big motorbike just for fun ? Also, what does the Chinese legislation say about biking and big motorbikes ? How is it with tuning cars or motor racing ? Will there be a market for trailer-type caravans and motorhomes? When ?  What is the status with skiing centers ? 

So many questions, so many possibilities.

ENTEQ has already been following China from a western point of a view for more than 10 years.  Even though there are many restraints for leisure time activities to develop, the possibilities for related industries are enormous.     

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