References rule export sales

Before the establishment of ENTEQ, its key personnel already worked for years together in the sale of western made environmental machinery in South-Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and China. Even though in China it was a particulary long and stony road to get new technologies through, it was also an extraordinary experimental training in how to make export sales work - or how to spoil the very few opportunities you had.

The Chinese have a long history in trading and are accurate buyers when it comes to capital goods. They prefer well-known international brands, or at least good operational history knowledge in the case of non-benchmarked brands in the industry. This means big challenges for companies who are not that well-known suppliers in China, but on the other hand it is also a possibility.

If one can establish a workable local reference in China, it'll mean a big advantage over competitors in one of the world's biggest markets. Basically, this means that instead of just selling the products, one should be committed to a long-term strategy to create a complete reference platform for the future business.

In general, even though China is such an attractive market, it is essential to understand time-lines and related resources requests before starting anything. Time is money.

ENTEQ certainly can assist you to evaluate your business ideas and plans of actions in advance, and assist you to start-up, run and maintain sales practises in China. Also, technical after-sales readiness and warehousing is available via ENTEQ cooperation networks.

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